Hermes in Love: Classical Guitar

I’m a classical guitarist for hire: for special events, weddings, dinners, whatever your classy event should need.
As a child I took piano lessons from age 6 up. Then a 16 I completed my Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music in classical guitar, then soon after attended York University for my BFA (Music). Then I thought, ‘what the heck…’ and in 2009 started my Master of Music Composition Degree and finished that in 2013.

Along with nature, the classical guitar is of the closest timbres that resonates with my soul: it can be gentle and is also wild.  I call “Hermes in Love” a Guitar Opera. It is comprised of 40 compositions I made for classical guitar.   The title represents to me the sentiment which propels the work: quick thinking Hermes the messenger, inspired by the hot planet of Mercury and infused with passion, is experiencing and discovering something very human: Love, in the myriad of forms Love exists.


Above is an excerpt of ‘the Algorhythm”.

I am presently rehearsing to perform the pieces that Hermes in Love is comprised of.