All Around the World: To Get to the Moon

-he heard sounds: wind, water, birds  and something else…
First, Elephant Atchoo needed to leave the island he was on, to start gathering pieces.  Musical pieces for his musical spaceship to the moon.
He had never crossed these waters, and before this mission did not even know that anything but water existed away from this island.
Then how did he know about the Moon?   Well, it was because of what he thought it was called… “the Dot”.  At night, for years and years, he would stare to this dot, that only appeared at nighttime.   Later, much later, in the story, he found out that this dot, was actually called, “the moon”.
But he had a dream one night, and in this dream, he heard sounds.  Beautiful sounds! Different sounds!  Sounds, and Sounds, and Sounds!!!
So he began to build a boat.  Eventually he built a boat, and began to row,
Accompanied by his friends, Harold, and Sue.
He heard the sounds of water, rocking against the boat.
And he heard birds.
And, something else…It was a sound that seemed to be calling out to him; so feint at first…”